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Helen Keller

The Museum of Vision provides brief biographies of fascinating lives in ophthalmology.

The Museum of Vision is pleased to present these biographies in an effort to increase knowledge about the history of ophthalmology. All items below are PDF documents to download. 

We encourage you to add information and thoughts through our Community Forum.


Georg Joseph Beer, MD: The First Professor 

Rudolf Bock, MD: A WWII Refugee in China

Louis Braille: Champion of the Blind

Jacques Daviel, MD: First Modern Cataract Surgery

John Homer Dix, MD: An American First

Hal Lovelace Foster, MD: Founder of the AAO

George Frick, MD: The First American Textbook Author

Albrecht von Graefe, MD: Ophthalmic Pioneer

Hermann von Helmholtz, MD and the Ophthalmoscope

Lucien Howe, MD: Silver Nitrate and the Howe Law

Col. Forrest Hull, MD: A Career in Service

George Kambara, MD and the Fate of Japanese Americans in WWII 

Carl Koller, MD: Coca Koller and the Discovery of Topical Anesthesia

Harvey Lincoff, MD: A Career in Retina

Robert Machemer, MD and Pars Plana Vitrectomy

James and George McFatrich, Founders of the Murine Eye Remedy Company and Other Questionable Pursuits

Sir Harold Ridley, MD: Airplane Canopies and IOLs

Jose Rizal, MD: A Filipino Hero and A Patriot

Charles Schepens, MD: A Secret Life in WWII Resistance

Herman Snellen, MD: Introduction of the Eyechart

Col. Thomas J. Tredici, MD: The Last Retired WWII Pilot

Henry Willard Williams, MD: Harvard's First Department Chair


Beyond Ophthalmology, Beyond the Clinic

An exhibit featuring physicians who became famous in fields outside of ophthalmology

Visit the exhibit on-line

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