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Oral Histories

Phillips Thygeson

The Museum of Vision oral history collection preserves the memories and experiences of people whose lives are an inspiration.

Names highlighted below are available to read as PDF documents. For all others, contact the museum. 


Albert, Daniel, MD

Allansmith, Mathea, MD

Anderson, W. Dale, MD

Bateman, J. Bronwyn, MD

Bath, Patricia, MD

Benedict, William L., MD

Bettman, Jerome W., MD (10MB)

Blodi, Frederick C., MD

Boeder, Paul, PhD

Chandler, Paul A., MD

Cinotti, Alfonse, MD

Cogan, David G., MD

Dawson, Chandler, MD

Demorest, Byron, MD

Dohlman, Claes H., MD PhD

Duane, Thomas D., MD

Enzenauer, BG Robert, MD MPH

Frtiz, Milo H., MD

Garcia, George, MD

Goldberg, Morton, MD

Goodell, Ruth, MD

Guerry III, Dupont, MD

Henderson, John W., MD

Herbert, Gavin

Higginbotham, Eve, MD

Hoskins Jr., H. Dunbar, MD

Hughes, Wendell L., MD

Hull, Col. Forrest, MD

Hutchinson, B. Thomas, MD

Ing, Malcolm, MD

Jaafar, Mohamad, MD

Jampol, Lee, MD

Jampolsky, Arthur, MD

Jones, Dan, MD

Kos, Clair M., MD

Kreissig, Ingrid, MD

Kushner, Burton, MD

Kuwabara, Toichiro, MD

LaPiana, Col. Frank, MD

Lichter, Paul, MD

Lincoff, Harvey, MD

Machemer, Robert, MD

Maumenee, A. Edward, MD

McPherson, Alice, MD


Medow, Norman B., MD

Mills, Richard, MD

Morrison, W. Howard, MD

Mosier, Marjorie, MD

Noonan, David J.

O'Connor, G. Richard, MD

O'Day, Denis, MD

Olivier, Mildred M.G., MD

O'Neill, John, MD

Parke Sr., David, MD

Parke II, David, MD

Pischel, Dohrmann K., MD

Raab, Edward, MD

Ravin, James, MD

Ravin, Tracy, MD

Reinecke, Robert, MD

Riffenburgh, Ralph, MD

Riordan-Eva, Paul, MD

Rodriguez, Alvaro, MD

Rubin, Melvin, MD

Ryan, Stephen, MD

Scheie, Harold, MD

Schepens, Charles, MD

Shaffer, Robert N., MD 
(10 MB)

Shields, M. Bruce, MD

Smith, Morton, MD

Smith, Ronald, MD

Snydacker, Daniel, MD

Sommer, Alfred, MD

Spaeth, George, MD

Spencer, William, MD

Spivey, Bruce E., MD

Stamper, Robert, MD

Straatsma, Bradley R., MD

Tabbara, Khalid, MD

Tasman, William, MD

Taub, Robert, MD

Taub, Susan, MD

Thygeson, Phillips, MD

Tredici, Col. Thomas J., MD

Troutman, Richard, MD

Truhlsen, Stanley M., MD

Vaughan, Daniel, MD



Verdaguer, Juan, MD

Weingeist, Aaron, MD

Weingeist, Thomas, MD

Welch, Robert B., MD

Zupan, Lawrence, MD


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  2. Oral History Topics: Academy History
  3. Oral History Topics: Legacy Project

Legacy Project

Celebrating ophthalmic families with oral history interviews

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