Museum of Vision

Dedicated to preserving ophthalmic history

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The success of the Museum of Vision is due largely to the contributions of time, expertise and financial support from members of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.  Academy members are involved in developing the Museum’s activities through three Program Committees.

Program Committees report to the Museum of Vision Directors which guides the museum to address the long-range objectives of the Academy.




Museum of Vision Directors
Norman B. Medow, MD - Chair
Jay M. Galst, MD
Linda M. Lawrence, MD
Michael F. Marmor, MD
James G. Ravin, MD
George O.D. Rosenwasser, MD

Walter H. Marshall, MD
Stanley M. Truhlsen, MD
John W. Tull, MD


Academy Archives Committee
James G. Ravin, MD - Chair
Daniel M. Albert, MD FACS
Robert W. Enzenauer, MD
Jacqueline A. Leavitt, MD
Kyle E. Miller, MD
Steven A. Newman, MD

Stanley M. Truhlsen, MD


Collections Committee
Jay M. Galst, MD - Chair
Joseph T. Nezgoda, MD MBA
George O.D. Rosenwasser, MD
Ivan R. Schwab, MD
Renee Solomon, MD

John F. Bigger, MD
Walter H. Marshall, MD
John W. Tull, MD


Exhibitions and Educational Outreach Committee
Michael F. Marmor, MD - Chair
Jose Dalma, MD
Linda M. Lawrence, MD
Richard B. Rosen, MD

Ronald S. Fishman, MD

Now Showing

View selections from the
Spencer E. Sherman, MD
Antique Ophthalmology
Book Collection

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Legacy Project

Celebrating ophthalmic families with oral history interviews

American Academy of Ophthalmology